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    DL56 series

    Cnc diamondline cutting machine

    Operational Manual









    ADD: No, 327 Jiangzhou South Road, Taizhou, Jiangsu province, China P.C.:225300


    Web: www.delong-cn.com

    Safety warnings:


    1) The operators must be specially trained and qulified for ooeration the machine tool.

    2) The machine tool and its lubricating parts should be lubricated accoarding to the operational manual concerning lubrication, the flow of the oil should not be blocked.

    3) Make proper option of processing parameter and operational order to avoid the break of sandline or the damage of machine.

    4) Worktable should not exceed scale value in general during operation! DANGER!!

    5) Try to clear the residual stress inside the material to avoid blasting during cutting. So the guard cover should be in proper position to avoid personal injury.

    6) The machine tool must be well connected to the ground and the electrical resistance should be less than 0.1ohm.

    7) It is banned to touch or operate the electrical switches with wet hands in order to avoid the danger of electric shock.

    8) It is forbidden to discharge or install or test any components during the working process of the machine tool.


    Chapter one Mechanism Part


    1. Principle and main applications:


    This type of machine tool is specialized for cutting materials which is not conductive, this function is achieved by integrating the plane movement of the worktable and vertical reciprocation of the sandline. In this case, this machine has no special demand on cutting tools, only a piece of sandline is required. The rotation of step-by-step motor is controlled by the numerical symbol sent from the cnc apparatus, and then the rotary movement of the motor is transfered to the plane movement of the worktable via gear group to the precision ball screw, together with the movement of sandline kinds of geometrical shape of workpieces will be realized.


    This machine is a solution to nonconducting materials and is granted with high accuracy and roughness which can not be exceeded by other processing method. So it can be widely used for straight cutting of graphite epoxy boards, marble, jade, optical glass, ceramics, ferrite, the semiconductor material, silicon carbide, refractory bricks.


    2. Main technical data and specification:





    Max. feed

    Max. load

    Outer figure






























    (1) Max. productivity( accuarcy and roughness are ormitted):  160mm2/min


    (2) Movement of worktable by each revolution of hand wheel: 4mm


    (3) Movement of worktable by each lattice of hand wheel: 0.01mm


    (4) Worktable pulse: 0.001mm


    (5) Step-by-step motor: 90BF-006


    (6) Total power:  2KW.


    3. Main structure and accessories:


    The machine body is constituted of machine body(basement), coordinate wortable, sandline rack, working fluid circulation system and electrical and numerical control system.

    1) Machine body:


    The machine body is a case-type casting iron piece, incorporating wortable,


    sandline rack and the groove for the flow of fluid on the top. The structure has the feature of high rigidity, so lay the foundation of high precision.


    2) Worktable:


    The worktable is mainly constituted of table pulling plate, middle pulling plate,


    precise screw pairs and gearbox. The vertical and horizontal movement of pulling plate is guided by the the rolling rail structure and realized through the step-by-step motor via gear group to the precise ball screw. Radial-thrust ball bearing is applied to clear the gap in the axis direction. The stucture is entrusted with the merit of smooth transmission, high accuracy and long service life.


    3) Sandline rack:


    As the rigidity of the sandline rack has great affect on the processing accuarcy, so the aluminium piece is applied on the sliding block which is installed on the guide rail. The motor for up and down movement and synchronous belt are installed on the top of sandline rack to realize the straight recirocating motion of sandline, the rotary link rod system is on the other side to realize the rotary motion of the sandline.


    4) Working fluid system:


    The pump sends working fluid to the working area and then return to the tank through the groove on the worktable, and then in circulation use after filtering. It is recommended that the tank be cleaned and the fluid be renewed periodically. The fluid(normally running water is applied) has the function of cooling the workpiece and removing the chips.


    5) Auxiliary parts:


    Fixture: the fixture is constituted of clamping frame and press screw, it is specialized for cutting machine, plate type or column type workpiece can be fixed on one side of the frame with press screw, and the other side is fixed on the workatabe.


    Hook: it is a special tool for tightening or loosing the screw when the sandline is assembled or disasembled.


    Pump for lubrication: periodically supply grease to the parts need to be lubricated. When the hand-operated pump is choosed, the grease should be manually pressed.


    4、Operation the machine tool:


    1) During processing, the guard covers of all parts must be in position, no touch or accession to the processing area!

    2) The earth connection of the machine must be reliable.


    3) Calculate the coordinate point and programe procedure according to the design requirment and actual condition with consideration of clamping method, sandline diameter and reasonable cutting position.


    4) For complicated workpiece, it’s better to make the machine tool idly operate once or test cut thin piece to check the complied programe one by one prior to make normal process.


    5) When clamping workpiece, make sure that the area to be cut should be within the range of effective movement of the machine tool. For special requirments, it’s

    necessary to precisely regulate the position of workpiece and worktable to avoid bringing out scrap.


    6) Prior to process special shaped cavities, concave and convex dies, sandline penetration hole should be drilled in proper position.

    7) Check the tension of the sandline and see if it is worn out, then replace it at the right time.

    8) The machine tool will stop automatically when the programe end, but the motor will not stop instantly, so the fulfilled worpiece will move along with the movement of the sandline. In this case, attention should be paid to make prop to avoid the crash of the workpiece and the damage of the sandline rack or the worktable.


    5、Maintenance of the machine tool:


    It’s the necessary condition for keeping accuarcy and service life of the machine and improving productivity to clean, lubricate and maintain the machine tool. Following items should be attended to during the operation.


    1) Periodically inject lubricant(normally No. 30 oil is recommended) to the needed parts such as the feeding ball screw, guide rail and transmitting shaft.

    2) Manually move rotary parts to check the flexibility before starting the machine tool.

    3) The machine tool should work in the condition with temperature between 15-30, relative humidity of 40-75(no condensing dew and hanging drop), It’ll be better to work at constant temperature of 20 for good performance.


    4) Clean the machine and apply oil on wearing parts after completion of processing.


    5) Periodically overall-cleaning the machine.


    6) Stop the work at once if fault found and send for mechanical people.


    7) Carefully read and understand the manual before operation.


    Chapter 2 the electrical system of machine tool


    1. Specification and safety instruction:


    1). The electrical system of this machie tool is designed accoarding to Chinese Standard of GB/T5226-1996 and GB13567.


    2) The machine tool should be powered by 3-phase 380V 50HZ,the total power is less than 2KW. When the voltage has a large fluctuation range, a stabilized voltage supply can be attatched.

    3) The earth protecting circuit is installed inside, the connection between the machine tool and the ground should be reliable to avoid personal injury.

    4) If there occurs any failure or in dangerous situation, press down the emergency button to stop the machine.

    5) Overcurrent protection: when the current for the motors or through the control circuits is higher than the designed value, the corresponding fuse will blow and take effect of protection. So the rate of the fuse should not be replaced at will.


    6) Low-voltage protection: when the machine tool is working, it will stop when

    the power is unexpective off, and the machine should be restarted to continue after the power is on again.


    7) Auto-stop function: the machine tool has the auto-stop function after working complection, you may turn the button of ‘stop after complection” to the left side to realize this function.


    2. Indication for the control panel:






    Indicate lamp

    power on/off

    switch on

    pump on

    Emergency stop

    stop after

    switch off

    pump off